воскресенье, июня 14, 2009

Закачать переводчик!

Translate Client

Free Translaton for Windows - скачать здесь:)

Just select text in your web-browser or other application and get instant translation by Google Translate Service.
Powered by Google Translate copy ru-en

About Translator:
Google Translate is the most widely used free translation service. But translating a webpage or a piece of text can still be a tiresome process: you need to visit Google Translator website, copy/paste the text, choosing the language... Too long!

Translate Client is a free translator which translate text in every Windows application such as Outlook, MS Word, Internet Explorer, Firefox and so on. After installing you will see Google Translate Client in the system tray and every time you want to translate some text, all you have to do is select it and click a pop-up "G" icon - the text will be translated instantly!

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